Welcome, Mr. Chernushin's 8th Grade Class!

This site will provide with you with a summary of the roles of the key figures during the Little Rock Desegregation Crisis of 1957. 

As you learned in class, after the Supreme Court passed Brown v. Board of Education in 1954, school districts that were previously segregated had to start integrating their schools. However, even though nine African-American students had been allowed to register at Central High School, Governor Orval Faubus went on the radio the night before school started and told the "Little Rock Nine" to stay home the next day. When the the Little Rock Nine arrived at school, they were met by an angry mob of segregationist protesters who prevented them from attending school. When the coverage of this even reached President Eisenhower, he sent the National Guard in to escort the students to class and control the protesters. Though the students were eventually allowed to attend school, they continued to face harassment throughout the school year. 

On this site are both summaries of the key figures' roles in the Little Rock Crisis and important primary sources such as newspaper articles and interviews relating to their decisions surrounding the desegregation of Central High School. When reading about these key figures, keep in mind your Common Writing Assignment where you will be asked to explain which figures from the Little Rock Crisis deserve a monument built in their honor.